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Game of Stealth

Game of Stealth

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A future President of the United States is paralyzed by the errant bullet from the gun of a local Seattle drug and gun smuggler.  Thirty years later, the future president becomes the real president and the local drug and gun smuggler has become an international dealer in drugs and guns.  Their lives have become intertwined in exotic ways. 

  Their lives are going to be inextricably intertwined also, with the work of a secret surveillance dolphin.  The dolphin nearly kills the president and his Secret Service bodyguards in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Why?  How? 

The drug and gun merchant belongs to an international terrorist cartel intent on assassinating the president.  When that fails, twice, the president is captured and brought aboard a foreign submarine. Can the president be rescued by anyone or anything in the president's huge high-tech arsenal?  How about by the dolphin who nearly killed him in the Auau Channel off Lahaina, Hawaii?   

Game of Stealth is a powerful and provocative story, rich with unique characters and a punch that will leave you wondering if it was all true.